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DX8 Roadmap 2019 – Building a better Drupal

By Craig Hanna

4th Jun 2019


As more Drupal agencies (and their clients) adopt DX8 to accelerate Drupal 8 site builds, reclaim operating margins and provide content editors and marketers with an enhanced set of user friendly tools we frequently get asked what’s next. So we’ve planned out 2019 as best we can so everyone can see the great new features coming very soon.

These are our personal highlights but there are plenty of others on the roadmap page:


  1. DX8 Sync Package Manager. A catchy title. This allows DX8 configurations to be exported from one Drupal 8 website to another for reuse. This helps our agencies manage web estates with multiple domains all sharing a single design system. We can build the configuration in a master site, and export it to the child sites- taking design patterns, styles and configs with them. Essential for managing multi-site design systems.
  2. DX8 package sync lock. One of the headaches in managing multi-site design systems is creating pattern modifications in child sites that should not be overwritten by changes in the master. Sync lock tells DX8 not to overwrite local modifications - giving you the power to manage pattern divergence in a graceful manner
  3. Component and template builder live visual preview. DX8’s evolution as an in-browser design tool takes a step forward with this very cool feature. Designers can now build components and see them render and evolve as they work. Makes component design faster, more seamless and intuitive.
  4. Manageable component categories. You can now create and permission-manage your UI Components into your own categories. This will make training for the end user much simpler and allow you to restrict UI components based on role e.g. an advanced editor. 
  5. Components within components (atomic design). Previous versions of DX8 allowed you to build components from images, buttons, rich text areas and so on. But now we can nest components and build composite components from multiple elements. This supports atomic design.
  6. Computed fields.  Coming Q4, you will now be able to expose the content you have placed on the node via UI components to Drupal for multiple uses including views and Solr search. 


We think these features will make Drupal 8 design, development and management even easier and, with our enhanced editing tools, help our partner agencies to compete against other CMS platforms. Let us know what you think!

About the author.

Craig Hanna, Sales and Marketing Director

Craig leads Sales and Marketing at Cohesion and is a regular keynote speaker across Europe and US on a range of topics from marketing to digital transformation. Craig has over 15 years of experience across the digital sector and has worked with DuPont, L'Oreal, KPMG, British Airways and Vodafone among many others.

By Craig Hanna

4th Jun 2019


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