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Acquia Cohesion Page editor

The world’s most powerful design pattern based drag and drop editor for Drupal.

Layout builder

Empower editors with the tools to create immersive page layouts.

Acquia Cohesion brings page components to Drupal 8. You can think of these as mini templates that your editors can drag, drop, arrange and even nest to create immersive page layouts based on design patterns that you define.

Whether it’s a simple text component, a layout component, image or video component or even a dynamic Drupal view component, you can provide editors with what they need to create rich experiences for their users. And best of all, you can create them using Acquia Cohesion's drag and drop component builder.

Inline editor

The simplicity of inline editing.

When your editors have created their perfect layout, editing the content is simple via inline component editing forms. Your editors simply browse to the content, click ‘Quick edit’ and edit the component content and settings directly on the page.

Reusable content

Use component content once, or reuse it across multiple pages.

Allow your editors to reuse components, along with their content across multiple pages.

Acquia Cohesion components provide the best of both worlds with either single use components, where the content is coupled with the page or multiple use component content, where the content is referenced as it’s own content entity including its own workflow compatibility.

For your editors, they simply drag a component onto their page, edit its content and click ‘Save as component content’. It’s then available to use across multiple pages and when they edit it, their change will be applied globally.

Component style

Change the experience, not just content.

Editors often need to change the style of a component to suit the content. Whether it’s changing the number of columns, adding a full width background image or changing a text style, you can allow editors to choose the style they want, from a selection you define.

This means more power to editors without you losing control of the websites brand and user experience.

Quick start helpers

Save layouts as quick start helpers.

Save layout configurations as Helpers to use as quick starts when creating new pages.

Whether combining components to make a high performing landing page or a common page section, editors can simply save their layout as a helper, ready to drag onto a new page.

From there they can edit the layout or simply add their content and launch their page.


Personalize the content and the experience.

Provide different content and even different experiences to users based on a condition you define.

Made possible using Drupal's context plugin system and an intuitive user interface, Acquia Cohesion makes it easy for content editors to personalize the experience, whether it's specific content for logged-in users, content based on a cookie or another condition you define.

The same system can also be used for A/B testing and website optimisation when combined with tools like Optimizely.

Full Drupal compatibility

Seamless compatibility with workflow, revisions and multilingual translations.

Acquia Cohesion’s component content is stored as structured JSON in a field on the page. A field formatter renders the content as HTML when requested.

This means that Acquia Cohesion works out-of-the-box with workflow, revisions and translations. It also means that it works with Drupal's caching layers and cache tags system.

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