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Implement the most intuitive and flexible editing experience on any Drupal 8 site

Page layout

The world's most powerful design pattern based drag-and-drop editing experience for Drupal 8

DX8 brings page components to Drupal 8. You can think of these as mini templates that your editors can drag, drop, arrange and even nest to create immersive page layouts based on design patterns that you define.

Whether it's a simple text component, a layout component, image or video components or even dynamic Drupal view components, you can provide editors with what they need to create rich experiences for their users. And best of all, you can create them using DX8's drag and drop component builder.


The simplicity of inline editing

When your editors have created their perfect layout, editing the content is simple via inline component editing forms. Your editors simply browse to the content, click ‘Quick edit’ and edit the Component content and settings directly on the page.

As the editors are also able to edit previously created pages using the same inline approach, content updates are both quicker and easier than more traditional approaches. Governance is still maintained with this tool being fully aware of both permissions and workflow.

Full Drupal 8 compatability

Seamless workflow, revisions and multilingual translations

DX8’s component content is stored as structured JSON in a field on the page. A field formatter renders the content as HTML when requested. This means that it DX8 works out-of-the-box with workflow, revisions and translations. It also means that it works with Drupal caching layers and cache tags system.

And if your website uses Acquia Site Factory, Acquia Lift or Acquia Content Hub, DX8 works seamlessly with those too.

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Power and flexibility

Change styles, not just content

Editors often need to change the style of a component to suit its content. Whether it’s changing the number of columns, adding a full width background image or changing a text style, you can allow editors to choose the style they want, from a selection you define.

This means more power to editors without you losing control of the websites brand and user experience.

Support your clients

Save layouts as quick start helpers

Save layout configurations as Helpers to use as quick starts when creating new pages.

Using any combination of components to make a high performing landing page or a common page section, editors can simply save their layout as a Helper, ready to drag onto a new page.

From there they can edit the layout or simply add their content and launch their page.

simple implementation

Implement in under 3 hours

For the technical minded, you can use DX8's layout canvas on your existing content entities by adding the Layout canvas field to your content entity. This is added in the same way as any other field within Structure > (Entity type) > (Bundle) > Manage fields. The layout canvas will render within the content region of the website.

Simple four-step installation:


Install DX8 modules

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Connect to the DX8 API

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Add a line of code to your theme

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Create your first page

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