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DX8 . The only enterprise grade low-code website builder for Drupal 8

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DX8 page editor

Enhanced editor experience for your existing Drupal 8 website.


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DX8 site builder

Low code tools supporting complete end to end website builds.


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Enterprise integration

Maximise the power of your Acquia

Acquia technology stack

DX8 integrates seamlessly with Acquia’s product suite and enhances significantly what can be achieved.

  • Create personalized digital experiences by combining the power of DX8 and Acquia® Lift. The easy-to-use interface allows you to create, deploy and target content to any Lift segment within minutes
  • Use Acquia Cloud Site Factory® and DX8 to rapidly spin-up new branded or unbranded websites and customize quickly for local deployment.

Enterprise grade

The only low-code platform built to enterprise
for Drupal 8

Enterprise standards Enterprise standards

DX8 is a low-code platform for building enterprise-grade websites that works with your existing versioning and deployment processes. It has scalability, data security and quality assurance built into its core.

  • DX8 includes a Drupal 8 module which connects via API to a cloud-based rendering engine to deliver clean, well structured code (HTML, CSS and Twig) to your own instance of Drupal 8
  • Data compliant and secure. No content is passed to the API and all communication is via SSL
  • Scalable and stateless API. The website doesn’t rely on the API for day-to-day running
  • Highly extensible, DX8 can be extended by your developers whenever needed using custom coding
  • Works with existing versioning and deployment processes as well as content staging workflows.


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