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DX8 . The only enterprise grade low-code website builder for Drupal 8.

Low-code website creation

Build websites end-to-end through a
visual, low-code interface.

Low-code website creation Low-code website creation Low-code website creation

DX8 includes an intuitive and powerful visual interface for creating all aspects of your websites. It can work as a complete system or seamlessly with any custom development you may want to do.

  • Site layout and style can be built by designers and UX teams, releasing developer resource for complex tasks
  • A visual CSS style builder with real-time preview allows you to create any styles your website needs. Customize these across up to 6 breakpoints to deliver a refined multi-screen experience
  • A visual drag-and-drop layout builder allows you to create any responsive layout you can imagine. These can be applied to page content, content templates, views layouts and even menus
  • Low-code, not no code, so DX8 is fully extensible. Developers can focus on added value applications and integrations. The site owner gets more value from the budget and resources available.

Component based layout

Create components based on your design patterns to provide layout flexibility.

Create component based layouts Component based layouts Creating components

DX8 allows for the fast, easy creation of website UI components and component-based layouts, enabling you to easily adopt best practice design pattern approaches to website builds.

  • Build a library of powerful UI components from your design patterns. Think of them as mini-templates that can be mixed and combined to create unique layouts from a consistent design system
  • Use DX8’s drag-and-drop layout builder and style builder to create your component layouts and then use DX8’s drag-and-drop form builder to quickly create a powerful and flexible component authoring experience for website editors
  • Set component content to single page use or allow for a single component instance to be used across multiple pages
  • Components integrate fully with Drupal’s workflow and permissions systems so they can be restricted to specific content entities, content types and users.

Website editing

Provide a best-in-class authoring experience
to your website editors. 

Implementable on both new and existing Drupal 8 website builds, you can delight your CMS editors with a more powerful and flexible authoring experience with drag-and-drop page construction and in-context content editing.

  • Content editors and marketers now have access to both the in-context content editing and the powerful drag-and-drop layout builder
  • Faster build and content population allows for easy testing and iteration of page content and landing pages
  • The UI component based approach means that content is well structured and follows a consistent design approach
  • New UI componments can be created and deployed quickly, allowing editors to evolve the website experience with more agility
  • DX8’s authoring experince is fully compatible with Drupal’s workflow, premissions and translation systems.

Brand management

Easier governance of your website brand,
style and user experience.

Brand management

DX8 provides easy ways for brand managers to govern their websites' brand appearance, user experience and default content assets through centrally managed interfaces.

  • Manage the key brand assets of your website, including colors, fonts, icons and even responsive grid settings
  • Ensure consistency of user experience by creating predefined website UI components that can be used by both site builders and content editors
  • Create new sites from a master brand website when coupled with the Acquia® enterprise stack, and build consistency into your digital experience across multiple websites.

Team productivity

Work collaboratively through a low-code visual interface and increase team efficiency.

Common visual language

DX8 enables teams to become cross-functional by collaborating on website builds through a visual interface. It breaks down the barriers that cause inefficiencies between design, UX and development and allows for streamlined end-to-end workflows.

  • Use the right people for the right job. Designers, UX and digital artworkers can focus on style, layout and content, leaving developers to build more complex functionality and interactivity
  • Designers, developers and UX teams can integrate their work via a common visual language, collaborating on site builds more efficiently
  • Allows multi-designer and cross-functional teams to develop simultaneously in cloud-based development environments like Acquia® Cloud
  • DX8 still allows for versioning and deployment of website configuration using your workflow of choice.

Extended code life

Evolve your website without code degradation
and extend its viable life.

Evolve and extend your website Evolve and extend your website Evolve and extend your website

As a website evolves and changes are made to its code, it’s common for it to become more complex and more difficult to maintain. DX8 significantly reduces this issue.

  • Website front-end is configuration not code. This is passed as JSON to a cloud-based rendering engine which returns clean, compiled code
  • Website evolution within the visual UI means that site code stays clean forever no matter how many changes are made to the website
  • Every change/save instigates the recompilation of the relevant section of code as perfectly formatted CSS, HTML and Twig.

Enterprise grade

The only low-code platform built to enterprise
for Drupal 8.

Enterprise standards Enterprise standards

DX8 is a low-code platform for building enterprise-grade websites that works with your existing versioning and deployment processes. It has scalability, data security and quality assurance built into its core.

  • DX8 includes a Drupal 8 module which connects via API to a cloud-based rendering engine to deliver clean, well structured code (HTML, CSS and Twig) to your own instance of Drupal 8
  • Data compliant and secure. No content is passed to the API and all communication is via SSL
  • Scalable and stateless API. The website doesn’t rely on the API for day-to-day running
  • Highly extensible, DX8 can be extended by your developers whenever needed using custom coding
  • Works with existing versioning and deployment processes as well as content staging workflows.

Enterprise integration

Maximise the power of your Acquia

Acquia technology stack

DX8 integrates seamlessly with Acquia’s product suite and enhances significantly what can be achieved.

  • Create personalized digital experiences by combining the power of DX8 and Acquia® Lift. The easy-to-use interface allows you to create, deploy and target content to any Lift segment within minutes
  • Use Acquia Cloud Site Factory® and DX8 to rapidly spin-up new branded or unbranded websites and customize quickly for local deployment.

Working together

Rock-solid learning and support.

Cohesion DX8 Learn and Support

DX8 has the support you expect from an enterprise platform. Our team and resources are here to ensure you're successful with creating websites using DX8.

  • First-line telephone support for urgent issues that can’t easily be resolved via online chat or ticketing system
  • A full online user guide which can be accessed directly through contextual links within DX8’s user interface
  • A growing library of online video tutorials and resources, linking directly with our free sandbox training website
  • Online knowledge base with answers to the most common questions
  • Online support and issue ticketing system with automatic issue tracking and resolution feedback
  • Online chat for quick and easy help and guidance.


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