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Answers to common pricing questions.

    What is the difference between a DX8 page editor and site builder?

    DX8 page editor is the functionality to allow CMS users to edit the site content which uses the DX8 layout canvas.  These are usually experiential pages rather than those driven by paragraphs or a content type. 

    DX8 Site Builder is used by the agency to build the site using DX8 functionality including template creation, style creation, UI  components and settings manager. These licenses are for agency use only (including internal agencies) and include the editor license. They are not available for non-administrator use such as within the marketing department.

    Do I need to buy a new licence for every domain that I want to use DX8 on?

    Every fully qualified domain name using the DX8 page editor requires a license.

    Sites only requiring the DX8 Site builder require a license only during the build. Our agency packs have been especially constructed to allow for significant build license discounts allowing for ongoing maintenance of these sites at a very low cost.

    These packs also offer page editor discounts, bonus licenses and higher level support for agencies that start using DX8 more widely.

    For the pages built by Cohesion DX does there need to be an active paid account in perpetuity?

    No. If you no longer need to edit the pages created in DX8 you can, subject to the terms of your licence with us, turn DX8 off and it won’t affect the site.

    The cost is per month.  What if the site doesn’t need to be updated after launch then can we turn it off?

    DX8 is not used during normal runtime.  This allows for DX8 to be switched off without affecting this site availability. You will lose the ability to edit DX8 pages and the DX8 build tools. 

    However we understand that agencies and their clients have various use cases and this is where our agency packs come in. We have designed these to flex depending on your requirements. Just ask us for more details on how an agency pack might work for your agency.

    The licences have page limits - is this for the whole site or just the pages using DX8?

    This is just for the pages which contain the DX8 editing experience.

    Our “small sites” tier has been setup for usage scenarios such as campaign sites or hybrid sites (those built using traditional methodology and integrating DX8 for experiential pages) as we understand that these often require a much lower level of usage.


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