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A complete, agency focused low-code development platform for Drupal 8.

Low-code website creation

Build websites end-to-end through a visual, low-code interface.

Acquia Cohesion includes an intuitive and powerful visual interface for creating all aspects of your websites. It’s low-code, not no code, so Acquia Cohesion is fully extensible and can work as a complete system or seamlessly with any custom development you may want to do.

It allows site layout and style to be built by junior developers, designers and UX teams, releasing more valuable senior developer resources for complex coding and development tasks.

    Master templates

    Use Acquia Cohesion to create your outer website templates where you’ll include headers, footers and other site-wide elements. In technical terms it's your page.html.twig file. And to add even more power, you can create multiple Master templates to use for different areas of your website.

    Content templates

    Use Acquia Cohesion to create templates for any content entity. From content types to taxonomy vocabularies, Cohesion's visual template builder allows you to layout fields and field data. It provides site builders with a simple interface for managing templates and site editors the option to select from multiple templates when creating content.

    Page components

    Use Acquia Cohesion to create page components. These can be thought of as mini templates which can be added, mixed and matched on the page to create unique layouts to suit the page content.

    View templates

    Use Cohesion to create templates for lists of content. These can be full page views or block views and can include pagination, exposed filters, attachments and view variables. Acquia Cohesion view templates are a new type of view format that increase the opportunities for view layouts beyond what can be achieved with Drupal core.

    Menu template

    Use Acquia Cohesion to create templates for Drupal website menus. Using a combination of interactive options and Cohesion's layout builder, you can create sophisticated mega menus, mobile menus, drop down menus and even menus that include content and views.


    Create components from your design patterns and provide a powerful authoring experience.

    Acquia Cohesion empowers your editors with the tools to create engaging, beautifully designed content with ease using page components and custom editing forms.

    You can think of components as mini-templates that can be added and combined on a page in any order you want.

    Components can be built using Acquia Cohesion's drag-and-drop component builder. Use it to create a component layout, and even use it to create the component editing form.

    Single use or reusable: A component can be used on a single page, where it’s content is part of the page content, or used across multiple pages as component content where the component becomes it’s own content entity.

    Style builder

    Style anything. Visually.

    The style builder provides you with all the power of CSS without having to write it. Ok, there's some knowledge required to know what's possible, but once you do, you'll be able to create beautiful CSS styles for everything from a button to a block quote to a complex flex-box layout.

    It's super flexible, using a dynamic form that builds in real time as you select what you want to style and how you want to style it. This is no rigid form with limited options. It's a visual interface for building base styles and custom classes to use across your website. And as you build, you can preview exactly what you'll get.

    Website settings

    Manage your global settings.

      Responsive grid

      Have you noticed how many websites look the same? Well, this is in part due to them all using the same Bootstrap inspired grid. The same gutters, the same widths, the same behaviour all ends in the same look and feel. It's time to break free of the same old grid and define your own.

      Cohesion's responsive grid builder gives you the power to set your own grid. Wide gutters, narrow gutters, outer gutters, fluid width or fixed width, it's up to you. And it's across all your breakpoints, so you can ensure your grid works perfectly on every device. This means you can keep content tight on mobile where space is limited and open it up on desktop where there's more room.

      Font libraries

      Managing fonts across your website couldn't be easier with Cohesion's font management system. Whether you're using hosted web fonts or you have a corporate font that you need to upload, the font management system allows you to add fonts and set up font stacks with ease.

      And if in the future your brand changes its font (we've all been there), then it's a 5-minute job to change it through the font management system and see those changes instantly across your website. This is all thanks to Cohesion's Sass based style management.

      Icon libraries

      Icon fonts are an easy way to add icons to your website that look perfect across every device. Acquia Cohesion makes it simple to add icon fonts to your website with its icon font management system and custom icon picker. You can upload your own icon fonts or use popular icon systems like Icomoon and Fontello.

      Color palette

      Beautifully combined colors can make your website shine. Equally, clashing colors can make it a mess. Acquia Cohesion's color management system allows you to control the palette used across your website from a single screen. You can quickly build a color palette to match your corporate colors or create a vibrant palette to match your campaign.

      Whatever you create is made available to your website editors as a custom color picker, so you're safe in the knowledge that they will only use what your brand or campaign allows. And if your brand changes its color, it's a simple process to change your palette and watch those changes appear instantly across your website.


      Extend what you need, when you need.

      Extend DX8

      Even with Acquia Cohesion’s range or layout, content and interactive elements, there will always be requirements that a Cohesion doesn’t offer out-of-the-box.

      For this reason, Cohesion can be extended to meet any requirements your project may throw at you.

      If you're a developer, you can create your own custom Cohesion elements which will appear within the Cohesion interface. These could be anything from media elements, custom forms or bridges to your favorite Drupal contrib modules. You can also include your own custom CSS and JS libraries where you require specialist styling and interactivity. Either choosing to use alongside Cohesion or integrate within Cohesion elements and components.

      Cohesion also supports Drupal blocks and fields so you can use them easily within your Cohesion templates and pages. This means you can code and include any bespoke functionality and interactivity you may require.

      And if you don’t want to use a Cohesion built template for something, Cohesion will automatically fall back to  template provided by your theme.


      Version and deploy with confidence.

      Acquia Cohesion creates configuration entities for all templates and styles which in turn, create CSS, JS and Twig files. This means that any changes to the website which aren't content can go through your preferred deployment and versioning approach.


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