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Empower your marketing with user experience and content authoring tools.

Page builder

Create rich, immersive layouts with the simplicity of drag and drop components.

Acquia Cohesion brings to Drupal 8 the most powerful drag and drop page creation and editing experience available for any CMS in the industry.

This allows your team to achieve higher quality output in less time with no ongoing requirement for development intervention.

    Create page layouts quickly using Acquia Cohesion components. These can be thought of like mini-templates which are created specifically for your website, ensuring that they are always on brand and experience. Simply drag them onto the page, arrange as you like and populate using the inline editor.

    Save any part of a layout or even a complete page as a Cohesion helper. Then drag the helper onto a new page and the layout will appear instantly. Creating new pages has never been quicker.

    Components can include advanced options for changing their style and layout. Now marketers can have more control over the design of their content and pages.

    Acquia Cohesion allows us to create content and user experiences quickly and without costly development overheads. This means we can provide our customers with the high quality information and services they expect from Reed & Mackay.

    TOM Sell - Global Markets Development - Reed & Mackay

    DX8 allows our marketing team to develop the website quickly without the need for developers to get involved.

    Jo Molone - Marketing Manager - Ocean Independence

    Page editor

    Quick and intuitive page editing.

    Acquia Cohesion’s inline component content editor makes editing even the most complex pages easy and quick. Simply browse to your content on the front-end of your website and click the ‘Quick edit’ button.

    Each component on your page has it’s own bespoke editing form which only shows the options you need to edit the content.

    And if you prefer to edit content from within the back-end of your CMS, Cohesion allows you to edit the content easily from there too.

    With full compatibility with workflow, revisions and multi-language, Cohesion can be used across all your Drupal 8 websites.

    Personalization and optimization

    Personalize, test and optimize your user experience.

    Provide different content and even different experiences to users based on a condition you define.

    Made possible using Drupal’s context plugin system and an intuitive user interface, Acquia Cohesion makes it easy for content editors to personalize the experience.

    Whether it’s specific content for logged in users, content based on a cookie, a reffering campaign URL or another condition you set-up.

    This can also be used with A/B testing software for more cost efficient website optimisation.

    Marketing Agility

    More marketing agility with agile development.

    Acquia Cohesion reduces the development time required to create new page components, templates and pages. Also, the process of creating new layouts is straightforward so development times can be estimated accurately.

    This means marketing, design and development teams can work together more efficiently to achieve true agile marketing.

    And with faster time to ship new website design patterns, testing and website evolution becomes quicker and less impactful on marketing budgets.


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