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Acquia Cohesion For designers

Create pixel perfect responsive websites using a visual interface.

Low-code development

Get hands on without hand coding.

Acquia Cohesion brings you all the power of code without you having to write it. If you’re a designer with no coding knowledge you’ll be able to create totally unique layouts based on your designs using an intuitive drag and drop layout builder. You’ll also be able to style any elements using a visual CSS style builder with a real-time preview. It’s a totally unrestricted system so you can style exactly what you can imagine. No fixed styles with a limited set of options. Cohesion’s style builder allows you to take full advantage of any CSS property and selector available.

Using Acquia Cohesion I can make refinements to the website without having to interrupt the development team.

Darren Coomber - Lead designer, CohERENCE

Component based

Create component based design systems.

Website showing components

When your editors have created their perfect layout, editing the content is simple via inline component editing forms. Your editors simply browse to the content, click ‘Quick edit’ and edit the Component content and settings directly on the page.

As the editors are also able to edit previously created pages using the same inline approach, content updates are both quicker and easier than more traditional approaches. Governance is still maintained with this tool being fully aware of both permissions and workflow.

Cross functional teams

Collaborative design and development through a common visual interface.

Acquia Cohesion helps you develop stronger, more collaborative design and development teams.

This is made possible through a common visual interface which allows both design and development teams to understand and contribute to how the front-end of a website is built.

Rather than inhibiting creativity, this knowledge empowers designers to take more advantage of what’s possible.

This prevents the common issue of designs being produced that are prohibitively expensive and time consuming to build. It can even reduce possible friction between departments to form happier teams.

Common visual language

Website optimization

Implement and evolve, websites at speed.

Acquia Cohesion makes style and layout changes quick and easy. This means design and UX teams can design, build, test and optimise the user experience more quickly and with less cost. Rapid development, made possible through the visual site building tools reduces the risk of layout and user experience experimentation. The result is a more creative and more effective website that can continue to evolve through further design iterations over it’s life.

Content authoring

Give editors the tools to keep your design vision alive.

Empower editors with the tools to keep the website you’ve lovingly created as you envisioned it. Once a website is handed over to the client, it’s not uncommon for it to loose its perfection. Often, as a result of the tools editors have available to keep content and layout fresh and consistent to the original design vision.

Acquia Cohesion will allow you to create design components that work seamlessly together on the page, giving your website editors a toolset they can use author rich content and experiences. And you can control just how much or less design freedom you give them to keep websites looking better for longer.


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