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Key features of DX8

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Advanced web building tools


    You drag and drop; DX8 writes clean, structured code

    At the heart of DX8 lives a drag and drop layout system that makes creating even the most intricate of designs a dream. And what's more, there's not a shortcode in sight. In fact DX8's layout system has been designed from the ground up to write beautifully clean code. Content and layout live harmoniously through well structured JSON.

    So what's included we hear you ask? Well, you get a feature-rich set of layout, content, media and interactive elements for you to drag, drop, mix and match in endless combinations to create layouts exactly as designed. And as everything’s been through our stringent quality assurance checks, you'll spend less time testing and more time celebrating.


    Define your own styles with DX8's visual style builder

    While the layout builder is a piece of cake, the style builder is the icing. It provides you with all the power of CSS without having to write it. Ok, there's some knowledge required to know what's possible, but once you do, you'll be able to create beautiful CSS styles for everything from a button to a block quote.

    It's super flexible, using a dynamic form that builds in real time as you select what you want to style and how you want to style it. This is no rigid form with limited options. It's a visual interface for building base styles and custom classes to use across your website. And as you build, you can preview exactly what you'll get.


    Create dynamic templates for pages, view modes and even Drupal views

    DX8's layout system isn't limited to page content. You can use it to create dynamic templates, too. From full page content templates and teaser templates to search results, the layout system builds Twig templates for any content view mode you want, just like Drupal wants it.

    And you're not limited to one template per content type. Using Drupal's template suggestions, DX8 allows you to build and manage multiple full content templates for the same content type. And it provides website editors with a simple template selection field on the content edit screen.

    Craft and configure with precision


      Don't get stuck in a rut with the same old grid. Take control with DX8's responsive grid builder

      Have you noticed how many websites look the same? Well, this is in part due to them all using the same Bootstrap inspired grid. The same gutters, the same widths, the same behaviour all ends in the same look and feel. It's time to break free of the same old grid and define your own.

      DX8's responsive grid builder gives you the power to set your own grid. Wide gutters, narrow gutters, outer gutters, fluid width or fixed width, it's up to you. And it's across all your breakpoints, so you can ensure your grid works perfectly on every device. This means you can keep content tight on mobile where space is limited and open it up on desktop where there's more room.


      Easily upload your own fonts or use web fonts

      Managing fonts across your website couldn't be easier with DX8's font management system. Whether you're using hosted web fonts or you have a corporate font that you need to upload, the font management system allows you to add fonts and set up font stacks with ease.

      And if in the future your brand changes its font (we've all been there), then it's a 5-minute job to change it through the font management system and see those changes instantly across your website. This is all thanks to DX8's SasS based style management.


      Create icon font libraries to be used across your website

      Icon fonts are the best way to add icons to your website that look perfect across every device. DX8 makes it simple to add icon fonts to your website with its icon font management system and custom icon picker. You can upload your own icon fonts or use popular icon systems like Icomoon and Fontello.


      Create a color palette matched to your brand

      Beautifully combined colors can make your website shine. Equally, clashing colors can make it a mess. DX8's color management system allows you to control the palette used across your website from a single screen. You can quickly build a color palette to match your corporate colors or create a vibrant palette to match your campaign.

      Whatever you create is made available to your website editors as a custom color picker, so you're safe in the knowledge that they will only use what your brand or campaign allows. And if your brand changes its color, it's a simple process to change your palette and watch those changes appear instantly across your website.

      The best Drupal 8 client editing experience


      Create custom components to match any project specification

      If you want to create a great website, you need to create a great editing experience. DX8 empowers your editors with the tools to create engaging, beautifully designed content with ease using page components and customized editing forms. You can think of components as mini templates that can be added and combined on a page in any order you want.

      And like everything else with DX8, page components themselves can be built using the drag and drop layout builder. Use it to create a components layout, and even use it to create the components' editing form with DX8's drag and drop form builder - so you can give your editors as much, or as little control over the design of your pages.

      DX8 Editing Form

      Build bespoke editing forms for your components


      Customize editing forms for your clients, and change them quickly and easily

      With DX8 you now have the ability to easily and quickly make any of your components client editable. Control exactly what can be edited and how, with a real-time preview of your form right in the component editor. Group your editable sections for a better end-user experience, and even apply field requirements with custom error messages.

      The component editing forms can be changed on the fly to keep pace with any changes in project scope, or as your client becomes more confident editing their site. Never before has Drupal 8 had such a powerful, intuitive experience for editors.

      Personalized content for a richer experience


      Create custom user segments to add context to your content

      We've already seen how easy it is to create new designs and layouts using DX8's powerful enterprise tools but we've taken these powerful capabilities even further. With our contextual content engine you can easily define the experience displayed to a visitor based on any available data set.

      From simple inputs, such as that day's weather or special calendar dates, to complex persona targeting based on your CRM data; DX8 makes it easy to deliver truly adaptive digital experiences. This isn't about simply changing blocks of content in and out like some other platforms. With DX8 you can change the entire layout and experience, all with just a few clicks. It all happens server side using our cloud compilation engine so there is no extra load on the user's browser.

      DX8 Content personalization


      Get your free trial now

      The best way to assess DX8 is to experience it for yourself. We'll give you a sandbox to test drive DX8 and a quick demo of the platform to get you up and running.

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