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Webinar: Templating anything using DX8 and Drupal 8

By Craig Hanna

21st Nov 2018


DX8 can be used to create any Drupal template (master templates, content templates, menu templates and view templates - a new template for use with Drupal views.)

This webinar demonstrates how you can create these templates without any coding through our visual UI and how you can then move those templates from site to site, with all their dependencies. Create once, use everywhere!

As an example all the templates on our demo site were created in DX8 without any hand coding – why not take a look.

The webinar (40 minutes) runs through:

  • Why using DX8 for building templates in Drupal 8 gives you more flexibility
  • Template anything - Content templates, Master templates, Menu templates and View Templates
  • Templating in action - Live demo of accelerated build of Drupal 8 templates using the DX8 layout canvas
  • Template once, use everywhere. How DX8 allows you to create templates for one project then move them to another


About the author.

Craig Hanna, Sales and Marketing Director

Craig leads Sales and Marketing at Cohesion and is a regular keynote speaker across Europe and US on a range of topics from marketing to digital transformation. Craig has over 15 years of experience across the digital sector and has worked with DuPont, L'Oreal, KPMG, British Airways and Vodafone among many others.

By Craig Hanna

21st Nov 2018


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