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Feature update: Reuse DX8 design patterns across different websites.

By David Bee

12th Nov 2018


Cohesion DX8 5.0 comes with a powerful new feature called DX8 sync. The technology allows you to export DX8 styles, components, templates and other settings as a package and import them into a completely different website. This opens the way for creating pattern libraries and living style guides using Drupal and DX8.

DX8 sync uses a completely new config tracking system that understands all of your DX8 configuration and the dependencies they have. The result is the ability to export a DX8 config item and it will work out all of it's dependencies and include them in the package.

Watch this short video to see a DX8 component being exported from one website into another and then used on a page.


About the author.

David Bee, Chief Design Officer

David leads Product Design at Cohesion. He's worked for 20 years in digital product and website design for some of the world’s biggest brands. Over his career he's developed a deep understanding of digital design and development and the challenges of creating enterprise websites.

By David Bee

12th Nov 2018


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